Universe of Sexy

‘Universe of Sexy’ takes the SEX out of SEXY. It unfolds a sexy universe, composed of personal narratives and innuendos to popular culture. What is sexy through the eye of a heterosexual female with reference to popular culture in western society. The work addresses and challenges the stereotypical audience expectation of sexiness.

Have we, in western society, exhausted how to be sexy? How can we be sexy with no sexual intention? Is society and popular culture afraid to present sexy without sexual intention because it’s proven that sex sells?

Concept: Leila McMillan
Choreography and Performance: Leila McMillan and Jasmina Krizaj
Sound: Oliver Daniel Barnes
Costume Advisor: Siouxie

Universe of Sexy is supported by the National Lottery, through Arts Council England, Laban Theatre, and Plesni Teater Ljubjana.  To find out more about the Arts Council visit: www.artscouncil.org.uk

Research & Development:

14-25th November 2011
Plesnia Teater Ljubljana, Slovenia

9th March – 4th April 2012
Trinity Laban Conservatoire for Music and Dance

Deptford, Creekside, London, SE8 3DZ


25th November 2011, 20:00pm, Plesni Teater Ljubljana

4th April 2012, 16:00pm, Laban Studio Theatre

Image © Trevor Howe


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