No more Landing

No more landing was created as a part of London Contemporary Dance Schools final year Spring performances March 2016.

A group of individuals share this world together.  They exist as individuals, work as a group, meet each other along the way and create a world filled with eccentric characters, absurd scenarios within a supermarket or a tornado and they fight to be seen. But they need each other to exist.

The work was devised by using tools of Passing Through and solo improvisation injected with space for spontaneity and games to arise.

Concept/Direction: Leila McMillan

Choreographic Assistant: Faith Prendergast

Devised & Performed  by: Ellen Slatkin, Micha Baltman, Alexandra Pholien, Charlotte Hilton, Fern Moutrie, Rebecca Friedman, Ricky Lee Huxstep and Caileigh Suline.

Music: Lajkó Félix

Light Design: Micky Mannion

Costume Design: Sara Rowland

Commissioned by London Contemporary Dance School 2016.

Photographer © Camilla Greenwell