This work explores companionship, playfulness and strutting our stuff through the metaphors of dogs. Honey is inspired by Westminster Dog Show, 7 Days Out, Dogs, Best in Show and Molly Goddard. This work was generated thanks to this group of people coming together. Leila offered a series of starting points and the performers offered their knowledge and creativity with openness and trust.

Commission for London Contemporary Dance School 3rd Year & Dap Students 2019


Performed at The Place, 8/9th February 2019

Concept/Direction: Leila McMillan
Created in collaboration with the Performers: Laura Ahumada Garcia, Dylan Canton, Hon Kit Chan, Yueng Cheung Chan, Harrison Claxton, Iona Delves-McGuire, Annie Edwards, Alejandra Gissler Hernandez, Olive Hardy, Annabel Knobbs, Madeleine Millar, Kyra Mills, Elise Norgate, Alice Ortona Coles, Alexandra Paal, Orla Regan, Pui Yng Shum, Claudia Silas, Jonathan Starr, Marta Stepien, Samuel Tyson and Genevieve Webzell.
Sound: Vincenzo Lamagna and Andrew Bird

Lighting Designer: Antony Hateley

Costume Designer: Sophie Donaldson

Photos: Nina Robinson & Rocio Chacon