Curl of hair

Curl of hair is an idea born out of a personal story which has driven Leila to devise a work anchored in duality, shame and identity conflict reflecting on lived experience and expanding this through research with a psychologist in community settings. It will engage with the interplay of shadow/light within ourselves – our shadows never escape us, they shapeshift and at times are invisible.

How do we experience duality? Is this seen through our roles, identities or relationships? How does shame, anxiety and/or conflict affect us physically and psychologically?
R&D Phase 1
The first phase of research is focused on collecting stories.
We need your help. Please fill out this 5-minute questionnaire based around the themes of the research, feel free to answer what relates to you. Here’s the link: Survey Monkey

Leila has created an instructional How-To shadow dancing video, which invites you to playfully take part with your family or as yourself.

What does your shadow look like? Have you said hello to your shadow today? Have you danced with your shadow? What makes our shadow?

Your shadow is something that’s always there whether its small or large and we take it with us everywhere we go. Can it do more than just follow us around? With the help of a flashlight we will play with our shadow, looking at different ways we can create a shadow, it’s size, shape and how we can make our shadow dance.

We would love to see how your shadow dances! Feel free to record your shadow by using your camera, phone or other recording device. Move between the light and the camera so that you can capture your shadow. Share them on social media twitter, facebook or instagram @mcmillanleila #shadowdancinglm

Both videos approx 4mins in length

How-To Video for Shadow Dancing for Families
(3+ with Parent/s/guadian/s)

How-To Video for Shadow Dancing

R&D Phase 2

The next phase will be working both remotely and in a studio with the creative team to further develop artistic ideas around these themes. We hope to share some findings via video towards the end of this phase.

Concept/Direction: Leila McMillan
Art Direction/Costume Design: Paolo Fiorentini
Sound: Domenico Angarano
Dance Artists: Karl Fagerlund Brekke and Rhys Dennis
Producer: Lia Prentaki
Visual Artist: Fipsi Seilern
Psychotherapist: Binah Taylor

In residence at Dance4 International Centre for Choreography (Nottingham) and Centre 151 (London) 2020. Funded and supported by Arts Council England, Dance4, Centre 151 and Muxima.


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