Continuum was commissioned for Verve 2017 touring repertoire.
Leila McMillan tackles the continuous cycle of destruction and repair that characterises our lives, tapping into the visceral physicality of the dancers with her work Continuum.

What is needed to rebuild? Can we find the beauty within the rubble?

What is needed to rebuild? Can we find beauty in the rubble? To rebuild allows recreation, transformation and unity. What we create together is stronger than what we create on our own.

Concept/Direction: Leila McMillan

Devised & Performed by: Berta Contijoch, Paul Guenot, Mason Jubb (Joel Pradas), Bethany Leyland, Ariadna Saltó

Music: Nils Frahm, Joji Hirota & the Taiko Drummers
Lighting: Chris Megginson
Costumes: Valentina Golfieri
Commissioned by Verve 2017, Northern School of Contemporary Dance