This work experiments with the notion of creating a main show out of a series of sideshows, what is deemed to be secondary, specifically looking at sideshows spanning from vintage to modern day. Benched is inspired by sideshows, ten in one, ball boys, ring girls, puppetry, stunts, female sumo wrestlers and Olafur Eliasson. This work was generated thanks to this group of people coming together. Leila offered a series of starting points and the performers offered their knowledge and creativity with openness and trust.

Commission for London Contemporary Dance School 3rd Year & Dap Students 2020

Performed at The Place, 7/8th February 2020
Concept/Direction: Leila McMillan
Created in collaboration with the Performers: Milo Aylward, Bonni Bogya, Delilah Grocott-Cain, Benjamin Curtis, Angelina Gorgaeva, James Healy, Lauren Jenkins, Eevi Kinnunen, Freya Lawson, Abigail Lewis, Amanda Martin, Venla Niitemaa, Andrei Nistor, Hannah Ornsby, Annabelle Peach, Zara Peiffer, Bethan Probert, Talia Sealey, Elyssa Sena, Verity Wright, Katerina Chaida, Kasey Lachenicht
Sound: Eprom, Jim Reeves, Yuri Tománek
Lighting Designer: Ali Hunter
Costume Designer: Sara Rowlands
Images © Rocio Chacon

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